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Sorting and Searching

How to search the Rebecca Gratz Digital Collection

The Rebecca Gratz Digital Collection is an ongoing project. All original items that are available have been uploaded to this website, but only very basic metadata, such as author, recipient, date, destination, and title have been provided.

Many items that have a draft version of the text transcription have been uploaded. Please note that those items have DRAFT watermarked on the file. These items are in process and are not to be considered a more accurate finalized version.

As of June 2023, sixty letters have been fully completed with summery and metadata.

Understanding how to search the letters

The Collection Items page is your gateway to accessing the almost 900 letters in the Rebecca Gratz Digital Collection. 

The collection's default arrangement is by Unique Identifier number. This is simply the order in which the tires were collected by the library. Users may scroll through these letters, each page has 50 items per page. 

Letters are sortable by Date, Author, Recipient, Origin, Destination, and Provenance (the institute that owns the letters).

The letters are also searchable via keyword. If the letters have been previously sorted, the keyword search will ONLY search within those sorted letters. 

The search bar also utilizes Boolean operators: AND, OR, and NOT. These operators will further narrow your search results. For more on Boolean operators, click here.