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Scope And Content: The bulk of this collection is correspondence to and from Rebecca Gratz, along with accompanying envelope where available. It also includes clippings about the Gratz family, tax forms, and estate documents. More details will be provided as the collection is processed. Please see the Terms of Access for more information on the collection in process.

To see an image of Rebecca Gratz's family tree, click here.

Date Range: 1797 to 1869; 1906; 1932.

Portrait sketch of Rebecca Gratz

Photograph of an oil sketch of Rebecca Gratz. Thomas Sully, 1831. The Rosenbach, Philadelphia, PA.

Access and Use

Methodology for Transcription: Transcriptions of the original letters were done following professional standards and best practices. For more on the process and methodology used for this project, click here.

Terms of Access: The collection is open for use. Please check the Provenance on each item page to find the location of the original letter.

This digital collection is an ongoing project. All original items that are available have been uploaded to this website, but only very basic metadata, such as author, recipient, date, destination, and title have been provided. Many items that have a draft version of the text transcription have been uploaded. Please note that those items have DRAFT watermarked on the file. These items are in process and are not to be considered a more accurate finalized version.

Terms of Reproduction and Use: This collection has been placed in the permanent care, custody, and control of Gratz College by the partner donors of the collection. When using these materials please include the appropriate citation included on each item page or follow the format listed below.

Questions concerning rights to use or publish materials from the collection should be addressed to Donna Guerin, Director of Libraries at [email protected].

Responsible Use of Electronic Resources: The resources provided in this collection is for the use of the faculty, students, and community of Gratz College. Responsible use of these resources includes:

  • Non-commercial or personal research
  • Scholarly research
  • Course instructional materials.

In good faith, we expect our uses to not 

  • Excessive download/print content
  • Post content on social media sites or file share sites
  • Plagiarize content

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