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Citations Explainer

The Rebecca Gratz Digital Collection has a number of different types of digital resources on the site. To ensure that the proper citation is used for each resource, please follow the guide below. Each citation is a general example and needs to be specified to reflect the item being cited. 

Preferred Citations

Digitized letter

Author. ALS to Recipient, Location, Year Month Day, page number. From the original at Provence, Street Address, City, State, Zip code, Country.


Transcriptions of the original letters were done following professional standards and best practices. For more on the process and methodology used for this project, click here.

Webpage in the Rebecca Gratz Digital Collection:

Author to Recipient, Date. Unique ID, Rebecca Gratz Digital Collection, Gratz College. From the collection at Owner/Provenance. Permalink.

Preferred Citation by Institution

The Rosenbach has generated citations for the digitized letters they have shared for this Collection. They are found on each page where The Rosenbach is noted in the Provenance field.

Glossary of Terms

ALS: Autograph letter signed, letter handwritten by the person signing the letter as opposed to LS, which is a manuscript letter written by someone other than the signer.

ADS: Autograph document signed.

LS: Letter signed, a letter written by another, usually a secretary, but signed by the correspondent, as opposed to an ALS which is written entirely in the hand of the correspondent.

Permalink: a web address that will consistently point to a specific information source in a database or on the web.

Provenance: information regarding the origins, custody, and ownership of an item or collection.

TLS: typed letter signed, as opposed to ALS, a handwritten letter signed by the writer.

Unique ID: a number or code that can unambiguously distinguish one object from another in a given system.