Partners and Donors

Project Partners

Gratz is proud to be joined by partner institutions that played a vital role in Dianne Ashton’s life and career, as well in providing public access to the letters of Rebecca Gratz. 

American Jewish Historical Society
American Philosophical Society
American University
Brandeis University
Congregation Beth Tikvah (Malton, NJ)
Rosenbach Museum
Rowan University 
Stanford University
Transylvania University
University of North Carolina

Project Donors

Gratz College dutifully acknowledges the generosity of individual donors to the Rebecca Gratz Digital Collection. First among these is Richard Drucker, Dianne Ashton’s husband and partner. The following other donors also supported the archive project in memory of Dianne Ashton:

Your Support Matters!

The collections found on this site preserve and democratize access to these primary source materials.

Your contribution will help Gratz College realize its transformational vision to be a world leader in preparing leaders, teachers, and scholars.

Rebecca Alpert
Mark Bauman
Gemma Birnbaum
Stephan Brumberg
Hasia Diner
Kirsten Fermaglich
Steven Foldes
Karla Goldman
Daniel Greene
Harriet Hartman
Ava Kahn

Ari Kelman
Melissa R. Klapper
Deborah Dash Moore
Pamela Nadell
Shari Rabin
Ira Robinson
Jonathan D. Sarna
Shuly Rubin Schwartz
Daniel Soyer
Lance Sussman  
Nathan Weiner

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